Creative and Compelling Gatherings

We want to provide compelling worship gatherings that incorporate an excellent worship experience and a relevant and scripturally rooted message for everyday life, in an environment that inspires dreams, joys, and possibilities. Therefore, we challenge the usual status quo and attempt to communicate the life-changing epic of God with fresh, creative, and relevant methods so that everyone can experience the transforming presence of God.

Welcoming Environment

We aim to be a place where all people can come “as they are.” We want our friends to be able to dress however they’re comfortable and not feel like an outsider; a place where a tie or T-shirt is welcome and fitting. We desire to be a place where the whole faith family is growing together and deeper in their faith. We want to provide a safe, sparkling, and fun place for kids too. A place where they want to come and where moms and dads want them to be. We not only want to entertain kids but also teach scriptural truth..

Transformative Discipleship

Beyond practical teaching, we must train Jesus followers how to apply kingdom principles into every aspect of life, so that they can grow strong in Christ and unleash their God-given gift and calling. Therefore, we will equip and empower Tribe gatherers so they can fulfill their potential in Christ by serving in the local church, neighborhood, community, and world, engaging people and demonstrating God’s love and life.

Mosaic Harmony

We are a church that longs to experience and harmonize with the symphony of God’s unique creation. In doing so, a church of all colors, backgrounds, styles, and generations will be visible in everything we do. Our Jesus community will have a global/trans-national flavor, recognizing that God has summoned us to His side, not to a particular flag or political perspective. We aim to love as Jesus loves, and as a result, a mosaic community—race, ethnicity, gender, generation, experience, and class—will exist in our midst in harmony.

Real Relationships

We believe real life-change takes place in safe, relational environments where people can be honest and vulnerable. Therefore, we encourage people to be part of a life-giving transformation group where friendship, encouragement, support, accountability and spiritual growth can take place.  We will cultivate a culture of authentic connection and create a community of people who are willing to “be real”. A place where our friends can ask questions about God, life, faith, and culture and not be expected to have everything figured out—A place to connect with and experience God and not be expected to “fake it”.

Spiritual and Supernatural

We are a church that believes in the supernatural dimension of the Holy Spirit. We will be desperate for the presence, power, and nearness of God. We will passionately pray for the supernatural ‘4th dimension of God’ and the release of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. We will seek the All Powerful God to do the impossible (miracles, signs and wonders, healings, etc.) through us. We want to reject apathy when it comes to faith. We want to encounter God’s passionate love for us regularly. That encounter will be what inspires and motivates us to live out a life of love for God and others amidst our personal relationships, families, neighborhoods, communities, and beyond.

Leadership Integrity

We want to not only teach truth but also be a living example to those around us. While no one is perfect, our goal is to operate as an organization with integrity, using the best practices in how we manage our finances, staff, leadership decisions, and personal morality.

Generous Living

We believe it is more blessed to give than receive. Acts 20:35. We have been blessed to be a blessing. Genesis 12:2. In response to this conviction, we will give sacrificially to respond to the needs of humanity and to resource and advance the Kingdom of God in our generation.