Transformative Discipleship

Beyond practical teaching, we desire to train Jesus followers how to apply kingdom principles into every aspect of life, so that they can grow strong in Christ and unleash their God-given gift and calling. Tribe gatherers will be trained and equipped so they can fulfill their potential in Christ, serving in the local church, neighborhood, community, engaging people and demonstrating God’s love and life.

But in order for that to happen, we must have a predictable track for people to follow. The number one reason people stop in their leadership development is that they do not know what the next step is in the process

With a track, people can easily understand how we want them to mature and which milestones we would like them to accomplish in their spiritual growth.  When people accomplish goals…they feel good about themselves!

Our discipleship track is simple:

  • Love – Weekend Services
  • Live – Become a part of a Life-Group
  • Change – Use your Gifts and Talents in Serving Inside and Out.