Everyone Needs A Tribe!
Micro-Tribes will be small gatherings of Tribes' People for the purpose of connecting in authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency. Our desire is that everyone in Tribes Church can be a part of drawing strength and fellowship with our faith family especially during these times of Covid-19 and racial tension. There is no better time than now to stay connected and support one another as the family of God.

Live or Virtual
A Micro-Tribe will be made up of no more than 12 people.
Each group will either meet online video chat platforms or meet in person on location as determined by the leaders.

The 4-Fold Purpose
To Provide a Place of Connectivity
To Discuss the Sunday Sermon or to Watch Together if Unable to Attend Church Yet
To Ask the 4-Questions of Discipleship
What did the Holy Spirit say to you during the Sermon?
What are you going to do with what the Holy Spirit told you?
How can we help?
How can we pray?
To Pray and Care for One Another

Please click on the button and sign up today! You will have the opportunity to list your First and Second Choice.
You will then be contacted by Cindy Batchelor as to what group you will be a part of and given the contact information of your leader.