Our Story

Tribes Church was born on October 14th 2014, with a vision to be a community of God-dreamers from every nation, tribe, tongue, and station.  Using Revelation 7:9 as our basis, Paul and Dawn Damon and Julian Newman planted Tribes Church. “We believe that Christ-followers can come to together and worship in unity and beauty”, they say. Exemplifying Jesus’ prayer… Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, Tribes Church exists. See Matthew 5

At Tribes, we are artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, stay home moms, factory workers, city employees, students, business people, teachers, pastors, community leaders, missionaries. In a phrase–We are World Changers who aren’t ashamed to bear the name of Jesus.

We desire to be a church that embodies the dream of God; A people of miracles, transformation, imagination, creativity, and love. This requires risk, danger, and faith. It’s not easy to flow against the cultural stream of prejudice, bias, religion without power, division, and materialism, but it is worth it!  Only then can we touch and change lives.

Founded on the mission to Love God and Others, Live Your Purpose, and Change the World, (Love-Live-Change) Tribes Church continues to be a vibrant community of believers from every walk of life.